Simone Giertz Built A Dog Selfie Booth Using LEGO And LEGO Mindstorms

One of our favorite inventors/YouTube personalities Simone Giertz tried teaching her pet dog, Scraps, how to take a selfie with a smartphone, but little doggy just couldn’t get her paws on it. So she does what any sane inventor would do: built a dog selfie booth.

Simone Giertz Built A Tesla Pickup Truck, Instantly Becomes Our Hero

Just yesterday, we were all wondering what is up with crazy inventor, queen of shitty robots, Simone Giertz, these days in between her struggle with brain tumor. And what do we know? A video of hers popped up when I open the YouTube app. Wait. Did my phone just eavesdropped on me??? Anyways, in her […]

Here’s A Gold Star Reward System For Grown Ups To Keep To Their Goals

Remember how when you were a kid, you were rewarded with a gold star for a job well done in school? Well, this is a gold star reward system for grown ups. Created by everyone’s favorite geek girl, Simone Giertz, this device is nothing like Giertz other creations that were mostly wacky. This is one […]

Everyone’s Favorite Geek Girl Made A Robot That Feeds Her Soup

Simone Giertz makes robots which are mostly quirky and pretty much useless. What she makes is like the western version of the 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions. Despite so, she is a heroine to us. From between the face slapping alarm clock we last featured here and today, she has created a lot more other weird […]

She Created An Alarm Clock That Will Physically Slap Her Awake

Mornings are best and the worst. Best, because it signals a new day, but getting up to meet the new day can turn out to be quite a daunting task. However, if you are a morning person, the aforementioned is not applicable to you. For the rest of us, we seek every possible wake up […]