Simone Giertz Dog Selfie Booth

One of our favorite inventors/YouTube personalities Simone Giertz tried teaching her pet dog, Scraps, how to take a selfie with a smartphone, but little doggy just couldn’t get her paws on it. So she does what any sane inventor would do: built a dog selfie booth.

The dog selfie booth is built using LEGO elements and components LEGO Mindstorms. LEGO bricks are used for the booth’s structure while LEGO Mindstorms components are used for the automation part of the equation.

Simone Giertz Dog Selfie Booth

How it works is simple enough for her pet to do. When Scraps depress a large pedal in the booth, it triggers the LEGO Mindstorms to hit the shutter button of a GoPro camera and at the same time, dispense a dog treat.

In between the build, Simone did briefly train Scraps that pressing the pedal, Scraps will get to snack on the treat.

The result is brilliant and looks pretty damn awesome too. You can see the entire build process in the video embedded below.

Images: YouTube (Simone Giertz).