we are living in an advanced world and thus, pulling out a digital map for direction is a common thing. however, if you are embarrassed by the fact that you needed a map to get around a place, or simply feels that whipping a device out is a hassle, the GPS Shoes by Dominic Wilcox might be a God-sent gadget for your feet and wherever you are heading. as the product name implies, it is not only a pair of pretty looking footwear, it is also a GPS device that works on its own, helping you to navigate to where you want to go. as you can see, there is a ring of LED lights on the left shoe that indicates the heading, while a straight line of LED lights on the right shoes represents the remaining distance to your destination. so basically, all you have to look down and you get the direction, but before that can happen, there is a couple of things you will need to do first. lets just say it’s a pre-travel planning which requires you to load in the destination to the shoes using a custom mapping software on your computer.

information is relayed to your shoes from your computer via a USB cable. once set, all you have to do is click the heels to kick off the whole navigation with your shoes process. sounds like an awesome idea – if you walked a lot – but it will be cool if there’s some form of smartphone integration so we can choose to change the destination on the fly. you know, the restaurant that we book downtown might be burnt down between now and then. just saying… we have absolutely no idea if the GPS Shoes by Dominic Wilcox is available for your taking. we also noted that this was a 2012 project, which, from then until now, things might have changed quite a bit. regardless, there is no harm to learn more, which you can do so by hitting up the source link below, but before that, you might want to check out a few more look in the image gallery below.

Dominic Wilcox via CRNCHY

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