A Custom Cereal Bowl That Amplifies The Snap, Crackle And Pop Of Rice Krispies Cereal

Do your cereal snap, crackle and pop? No? That’s probably you are having Kellogg’s Rice Krispies because, those does snap, crackle and pop. Wait. You can’t hear ’em? Well, then perhaps, the Snap Crackle and Pop Amplification Cereal Bowl will be able to help you hear those delectable sound better. Perhaps not just hear better. […]

This Quirky Glasses Lets You See Above Your Head Height

Unless you are at least 5-foot 10, you will probably seeing heads instead of the parade on the street. Anything below that height, you are better off staying on a tall building and use a binocular instead, or you could don the One Foot Taller Periscope Glasses. Conceived by Dominic Wilcox, the same man who […]

GPS Shoes by Dominic Wilcox

we are living in an advanced world and thus, pulling out a digital map for direction is a common thing. however, if you are embarrassed by the fact that you needed a map to get around a place, or simply feels that whipping a device out is a hassle, the GPS Shoes by Dominic Wilcox might be a God-sent gadget for your feet and wherever you are heading.