this is probably a not-so-new stuff, but still we are drawn to it nevertheless and if you have been following this blog, you probably will be attracted to it too. from long-time maker of all things radio controlled, Kyosho, is the EP Blizzard SR RC Plow Vehicle (think we might have seen in the catalog awhile back), featuring newly developed high spec Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) units, paired to two 380-size motors offering high torque output to tackle any miniature snow piles you might have to deal with. the motors and ESCs are designed to be juiced by lithium polymer batteries, though it could also run on NiM battery too. speaking of battery, it is not included in package and therefore, to get it up and running, you will have acquire the juice pack separately.

comes completely assembled aka Ready-To-Run (RTR), the Kyosho EP Blizzard SR Plow Vehicle features a dust and snow proof chassis with inner covers, shielding important components such as gears, motors, ESCs from the elements so you can actually get it onto the ground for some, well, ‘real work’ in miniature proportion, or maybe just take it as a rock climber or something. however, do note that as much as you might like to get this vehicle to clear your driveway, the vehicle is not waterproof, which means melting snow flakes might do harm to it. just thought you should know. other details include independently controlled tracks, full directional control (forward/reverse, left/right turning), rotation on the spot and of course, a working snow plow that can be raise and lowered via the included 2.4GHz transmitter.

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the Kyosho EP Blizzard SR RC Plow Vehicle can be yours for just $317. sounds like fun, don’t you think? more look after the break.

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