Intel Shooting Star Drones TIME Magazine Cover

Intel Shooting Star Drones Were Used To Create This TIME Magazine Cover

After setting a couple of world records and gracing major events including CES, Winter Olympics and Super Bowl, proving that light drones may just be an alternative to traditional fireworks (and the future of light shows, for that matter), Intel has once again made headlines – this time, they literally became the cover of TIME Magazine drone special issue.

Intel Shooting Star Drones TIME Magazine Cover

Using the chip maker’s Shooting Star Drones, Intel recreated the iconic TIME masthead and red border measuring 100 meters tall over the sky of Folsom, California. The eye-catching spectacle was captured by Astraeus Aerial Cinema Systems and subsequently, turned into the cover for the physical copy of the magazine, replacing the familiar TIME masthead and red border.

Intel Shooting Star Drones TIME Magazine Cover

It was the first for Intel and also the first for the magazine. It was a very apt (and presumably, pricey) cover since the issue tackles on the rise of drones and touches on all thing drones, including the innovation, transformation and new perspective drones bring to our lives.

The Intel Shooting Star Drones TIME Magazine Cover can be found on the June 11, 2018 issue available starting June 01, 2018. You can read more about TIME’s drone coverage over at TIME website (or read the behind the cover report HERE), but before you go, you may want to learn how the cover was made in the video below.

Images courtesy of Intel.

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Intel via PetaPixel.