A watch company makes timepieces. There is really nothing wrong with that, isn’t it? Except that Analog Watch Co. not only makes beautiful, wood-based timepieces, it now also has one that won’t keep time. Appropriately called Ant Watch, it has no minute or second hands and there is no complication either; all it has within that watch case is a super tiny ant colony. Well, if you can even call 3 to 5 ants a colony at all. We read that the watch-like case is no ordinary case. It is in fact of specially designed shake resistant nesting material. As strange as it might sounds, this is a real thing which you acquire for 59 bucks and let me assure you that this isn’t an early April’s Fools Day joke. Then again, who knows? It might very well be.

Ant Watch by Analog Watch Co.

Though time telling isn’t part of the function of this “ant piece”, you will still have to work to keep it ticking away, so to speak, by feeding the ants with liquid sugar using the accompanying feeding dropper. The ants will live to 6 months and when they die, the one-year supply (of ants) that comes with each watch will ensure you will always have fresh supply. Apparently, the watch supposed to “remind you of the subtle beauty of nature and the closeness of the natural world”, but we thought that putting these eusocial insects in such a small encasement that will most definitely subjected to lots of movement throughout the day, might be a cruel thing to do. I mean, those poor ants will have to cope with the constant flick, twist and whatever which must be really tiresome. Just saying…

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