This really takes “a shot of espresso” to a whole new level. We talking about the Noir Pistol-style Coffee Maker and Bullet Shell-style Espresso Cups (not the official product name, btw) which comprises of an aluminum coffee pot that resembles a pistol – complete with soft touch pistol grip for handle (duh) and a barrel with front sight as the sprout, and very aptly complemented with six gold, metalized porcelain espresso cups that took their design cue from an empty bullet shell. And in the case of the Noir Pistol-style Coffee Maker and Bullet-style Espresso Cups, the cups are stated as “50mm” and the obvious “Coffee Cup” under each cup, topped off with a “primer pocket”. Each cup also sport a rim, which makes it recognizable as a bullet cartridge.

Bullet Shell-style Espresso Cups

The pot measures 180 x 90 x 160 mm and is designed to be used with gas or electric stove. As for the cups, each measures, you guessed it, 50mm in diameter x 60mm height. However, they are not suitable microwave for it may explode. Nah. We are just kidding. They are just not made for microwave and that’s that. But they are dishwasher safe. The set is designed by Paola Metaldi for Italian online lifestyle store Viceversa. Unfortunately, it was sold out at the time of this writing. I know. We might as well don’t feature this, but seriously, a coffee maker style after a pistol and cups that drew inspiration from real bullets? How can we ignore it? We can’t.

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Noir Pistol-style Coffee Maker

Bullet Shell-style Espresso Cups

Bullet Shell-style Espresso Cups

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