The Atari 2600 console had a unique design that defies the convention of its time. The wood grain front along with the horizontal slats on the plastic case create the illusion of a furniture piece which, while different from the rest of the electronics of its time, the design did not stick out like a sore thumb.

Atari Boss Seat Concepts by TOYSTUDIO 71

The design actually blended in with the furniture of the 70s which was all about rich colors, leather upholstery, organic silhouettes, and of course, wood. This may make some people think: what if Atari took its console design and applied it to chairs? While I am not sure anybody actually did ever imagine an Atari chair but digital creator TOYSTUDIO 71 (@toystudio71) sure has.

TOYSTUDIO 71 specializes in retro-futuristic concept designs with a clear influence of the 70s. The digital creator created a series of “Atari Boss Seats” that include three pieces. Two of these are clearly influenced by 70s sci-fi shows, such as the Star Trek captain’s chair and one is a lounge chair that oozes with the Eames Lounge Chair vibe.

Atari Boss Seat Concepts by TOYSTUDIO 71

They are concept designs and thus info is scarce. But do we really need more details? Probably not because the images are enough to swoon us over. Be sure to hit up TOYSTUDIO 71 Instagram for more awesome creations.

Atari Boss Seat Concepts by TOYSTUDIO 71

Images: Instagram (@toystudio71).

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