Star Trek Original Series Captain’s Chair Replica

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Star Trek Original Series Captain’s Chair Replica | US$5,499.95 |

any die-hard Star Trek fans would love a piece of the cult TV series, so how about a start by getting a piece of Captain James Tiberus Kirk’s bridge chair? a replica, that is. the Star Trek Original Series Captain’s Chair Replica is handcrafted to perfection by Steve Horch of HMS Creative Productions. it is no coincidence that Steve Horch is also the man who created the original replica for use on later TV series. however, various improvements were made over the original. such as the use of LEDs for the control panel light up, instead of incandescent lights and of course, better materials. the chair is constructed from combination of hard woods with formica finish, while the center seat is of plywood coupled with solid laminated walnut arms which are faithful to the originals.
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this swivel, auto-centering chair also comes complete with all the details such as control buttons, toggle switches and intercom speaker that spits out the hailing frequency or ‘swain’ sound when activated. your fantasy of taking helm of the USS Enterprise can be fulfilled for a cool $5,499.99. it’s kind of pricey but i am sure it will be all worthwhile for any true-blue Star Trek fans. in fact, the chair would go perfectly well with Marc DeVidts’ Star Trek style ‘swooshing’ door. don’t you think so?

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