TheChefClub Powder Steel Kitchen Knives

For those who are serious about cooking, you may want to check out this chef-grade kitchen knives called TheChefClub Powder Steel Kitchen Knives. Made from Matrix powder steel, a process pioneered by NASA, these kitchen knives provide a perfect balance between strength and durability.

TheChefClub Powder Steel Kitchen Knives

It sports a timeless design with an ergonomic shape for ease of handling, and it is precision engineered to result in a perfect balance knife. Being made from powder steel, these kitchen knives promise to not just look sharp but stays sharp.

TheChefClub Powder Steel Kitchen Knives

Plus, it is almost maintenance-free. Just a simple rinse after each use would be suffice and unlike regular knives, TheChefClub Powder Steel Kitchen Knives only require occasional home sharpening. Topping of its list of features is a titanium coating to give it the awesome look and added durability.

If you are down for one of the coolest and lasting kitchen knives, you may want to consider backing the product’s Kickstarter campaign where you can secure one for a starting price of $49.

The campaign is well over its funding goal. In fact, it was funded in just two hours and therefore, your pledge for a product is a pre-order which TheChefClub aims to fulfill sometime next year, starting February 2020.

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All images courtesy of TheChefClub.