What if a person finds out that he or she needs to wear a post-surgical device such a back brace, for example? While others may resigned to the fate and live with it for as long as it takes for them to get well, Maddie, who suffered a T12 fracture from a bad wreck, is not about to conform to a white medical assistance device. A concern friend by the name of Sarah, who is obviously a talented artist, helped her to transform a mundane looking back brace into one that oozes with steampunk style. The result is clearly astounding. The once standard post-surgical device now looks more like a classy, Victorian-era armored corset designed for cosplay.

Maddie’s Steampunk Back Brace by Sarah

At the time of this writing, we read that Maddie is on a speedy recovery and has been given the green light to be off the brace for a few hours a day. We also want to take this opportunity to wish Maddie all the best. And kudos to Maddie’s non-conformist spirit that really exemplifies the statement ‘making the best of a bad situation’.

via Neatorama

Images via EPBOT

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