The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. As HBO are working to drum up the hype with events like an impressive light show at the Fountains of Bellagio, one stationery supply company in U.K., Viking, has taken upon itself to show the love of the series with a giant, 13-meter long fire-breathing dragon made entirely of paper. The bosses of the company hatches a plan to surprise their staff who are huge fans of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Fire Breathing Paper Dragon

With the help of paper artist Andy Singleton, over 100 hours in the studio to build this majestic, mythical creature and further 10 hours just to install it in the company’s office. The final paper dragon sculpture measures an astounding 12.95 meters long by 2.8 meters wide, and while wings did not spread, they actually stretches 6 meters long. All told, this Viking x Andy Singleton fire breathing paper dragon took an equivalent of 1,200 pieces of A4-size paper to build.

Game of Thrones Fire Breathing Paper Dragon

The dragon made its “lair” at the company’s office for a week before it was moved to a nearby school. Viking is no stranger in getting creative with their office decor. Previously, they had build forts and paid homage to their favorite films – all within the confines of their office, but this Game of Thrones fire-breathing paper dragon is the most awesome yet.

Game of Thrones Fire Breathing Paper Dragon

The details that went into it is pretty insane. It is so detailed that it is hard to believe that it is made entirely out of paper. Well, OK, may be not entirely of paper because, there’s a wooden frame within to form the shape. It is super cool nonetheless. Probably the best dragon-related work of art since the custom Toothless couch. You can learn more about the making of the dragon in the video below, or hit up Viking blog read up on the entire process.

Game of Thrones Fire Breathing Paper Dragon
A scale model of the paper dragon was first created.

Images: Viking.

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