alternative alarm clock – alarm clock and electric outlet roll into one

Alternative Alarm Clock 544x408px
after viewing the video and reading the write up that Kihyun Kim has written, i am still not clear what the alternative alarm clock proposed to do. obviously, Kim’s concept is an alarm clock and electric outlet rolled into one. ok, i got that part. anyway, this is probably how it’s going to work out: suppose you are the morning coffee dude and Kim’s concept could do you some good if you hook up your coffee maker to it. as the alarm sounds off to wake you up, electric current is supplied to kick off the coffee making process (assuming you had all the prep work done the night before) and thus, when you finally managed to unglue yourself from the cosy bed, you will have a pipping hot pot of coffee waiting for you. it couldn’t get clearer then that. does it?
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Alternative Alarm Clock 544x408px

Alternative Alarm Clock 544x408px

Alternative Alarm Clock 544x408px

Kihyun Kim Design via Yanko Design

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