It is no secret that Amazon sells virtually anything. The online retail giant sells anything from the most mundane items like books and blenders to crazy stuff like uranium ore and Old Man wall decals. Now, we heard it is selling entire houses too. And when say “entire houses,” we are not talking about real estate properties. It is the actual house where you will be needing a land to put on. Though this whole house business is not entirely new.

A few years ago, we already spotted Amazon selling a container-based tiny home for $36,000. But as it appears, it is now a full blown market on Amazon with companies peddling prebuilt homes and DIY kits with prices that are almost-too-good-to-be-true and with free shipping to boot. Too good to be true sounds about right.

Amazon Now Sells Entire House Too
Above: Lillevilla Allwood Getaway Cabin. Top: Lillevilla Escape.

While some houses, like the 292-foot Lillevilla Allwood Getaway Cabin is priced under $20K, there are other costs involved that even free shipping would not have help to defray. Costs like the land that it will sit on, the foundation, the insulation and infrastructure like plumbing and electricity are unavoidable if you expect to use it as a proper home.

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Then again, while these unbelievably affordable houses are marketed as homes buyable online from Amazon, they are probably not for long term residency or as your main shelter. For example, the Lillevilla Escape which sells for around $5K, is more suited for “hobby, garden or pool tools and supplies,” or as “simply a retreat in your backyard,” according to the Lillevilla.

However that might be the case, it might just be the source of an entire house without having to talk to real people. Or you could use it as a reference the next time you are hunting for a tiny home.

Images: Amazon.

Source: MarketWatch.

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