Kim Kardashian Shows Off Louis Vuitton Trash Cans

Oh, Look. Kim Kardashian Actually Have A Couple Of Louis Vuitton Trash Cans

Louis Vuitton makes a lot of other stuff in addition to the label’s staples like handbags. Apparently, it does waste bin that cost a heart-stopping $4,000 and also apparently, the Parisian fashion label also made these giant trash bins. At least, it appears to be the case accordingly socialite, reality TV star, sensational news maker, Kim Kardashian. Now, the thing is, I highly doubt LV actually made these rather run-of-the-mill looking bins. The reason being, if LV were to make these giant plastic bins, it probably won’t be in regular black, or blue.

Then again, it is Kim Kardashian who we are talking about and so, anything is possible if she wanted to. Moreover, apart from the too familiar black and blue colorway, the way that the monogram blends with the bin number looks kind of professional – something which you can expect from the fashion label. Anyways, whatever it is, it will not stop the Internet from thinking that she’s one air head who will be dumb enough to spend that kind of money.

You must be thinking “maybe the bins aren’t that expensive.” Well, about that, a home-use waste basket from LV already cost 4 grand, so it is safe to say that if this pair of bins are as authentic as many people thought they are, then they should cost hell lot more. But for all we know, she may have asked a graphic artist to replicate LV’s monogram on the otherwise monotonous bins, or she could have use one of these stencils found on Etsy to replica the LV look.

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I am not going to lie. Being an LV fan, I am kind of digging it, but at the same time disappointed that the bins aren’t in brown. So, what do you think? Do you guys think that these bins are authentic Louis Vuitton products or not?

Image: Kim Kardashian.

via Neatorama.