If queuing to pay for grocery turns you off, well, then you’d wish you are living in Seattle because, Amazon Go’s ambitious queue-less and cashier-less grocery store, Amazon Go, is set to thrown its doors open to public starting from today, January 22, 2018. Since its announcement in 2016, Amazon Go, which is attached to the online retail giant’s new Seattle headquarters, has been opened for business to Amazon’s employees. For the uninitiated, with Amazon Go, Amazon wants a truly fuss-free shopping experience where you just walk in (after scanning in with a smartphone app on your device) and grab what you need from the shelves and leave.

What you take will be automatically charge to you like it would if you shop online. Using a combination of computer vision, sensors and deep learning, the store is able to track the items you remove from the shelves to facilitate billing to your Amazon account. I am assuming that there will be some form of one-time setup, so you credit card could be charge once you step out of the store. In the event that you change your mind about a particular item, the system will be clever enough to know that if you have place the item back.

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However, it does not answer the question of what if the person place the item on the wrong shelf like human grocery shoppers always do. The store will be thin with human staff, so if you hate human-to-human interaction and also love the idea of fuss-free pickup and go shopping experience, Amazon Go is the store to hit up. Then again, we’d better get use to it, for Amazon Go might just be the future of how everyone shops.

Image: Amazon.

via Engadget.

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