Almost any manufacturer can make a Blu-ray player, but not every manufacturer can satisfies some consumers’ burning desire for the nostalgic. To this end, we think Etsy RetroConnector is not just any manufacturer. Heck. I wouldn’t even call this seller a manufacturer and that’s the beauty of it. What this person did is something we count as incredible. He/she repurpose the ultra retrolicious Apple Disk II Floppy Drive, first introduced in 1978, into a fit-for-modern times Blu-ray/DVD drive, so you’d get the nostalgic feel without being hold back by obsolete technology.

RetroConnector Blu-ray/DVD Drive in Apple Disk II Floppy Drive Case

This is simply the most brilliant thing we have seen today. What used to be a 5-1/4-inch floppy drive now serve to satisfy modern HD-media’s demand. Apart from the innards, which is obviously a Blu-ray/DVD drive now, and the USB ports and power plug around the back, the Apple Disk II Floppy Drive is largely unmodified on the outside to maintain the authenticity. RetroConnect even went to length to ensure the disk activity LED blinks as the drive is being accessed and also, the spring-loaded drive door opens and shuts with the same satisfying “thunk!” as the original did.

RetroConnector Blu-ray/DVD Drive in Apple Disk II Floppy Drive Case

If you need a Blu-ray/DVD drive that stands out, the RetroConnector Blu-ray/DVD Drive in Apple Disk II Floppy Drive Case is without doubt the drive of choice. However, going full-on nostalgic does not come cheap; each of these hand built, made-to-order drive will run you back at $500 a pop. Though you could save yourself 50 bucks if you choose to send in your own Disk II drive to be worked on by RetroConnect. See the drive in action a short clip below.

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