An Apple Disk II Floppy Drive Turned Into Blu-ray/DVD Drive Is Just About The Coolest Thing Ever

Almost any manufacturer can make a Blu-ray player, but not every manufacturer can satisfies some consumers’ burning desire for the nostalgic. To this end, we think Etsy RetroConnector is not just any manufacturer. Heck. I wouldn’t even call this seller a manufacturer and that’s the beauty of it. What this person did is something we […]

Harman Kardon BDS 580 and BDS 280 Blu-ray System

not content with just a Blu-ray player? then we think this pair of Blu-ray networks entertainment systems from Harman Kardon, namely the BDS 580 5.1 Blu-ray System and BDS 280 2.1 Blu-ray System, might be just right up your alley.

Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray Player Darbee Edition

thirteen is the number of articles here tagged with Blu-ray Player, which kind of explains the rarity of this medium in today’s context. Blu-ray player is hardly the first choice device for home entertainment needs, now that streaming has taken the crown as the preferred medium, but the Oppo BDP-103D Blu-ray Player begs to

Sony BDP-S5100 Smart Blu-ray Disc Player

the latest to join the fray of all-things-smart is Sony range of Smart Blu-ray Disc Player and among the four that we counted, the BDP-S5100 perches right on the top of the food chain. the Sony’s offering stands out aesthetically with its rather unconventional, lopsided ‘diamond’ (or pyramid, if you will)…

Sharp AQUOS Blu-ray Recorders

we are not sure why Sharp named these recorders as ‘Blu-ray’ recorders. honestly, to us, these are basically digital video recorders or DVRs that are capable of transferring its content to BD but anyway, here they are, a trio of sleek-looking Blu-ray recorders branded under Sharp’s successful sub-brand, AQUOS. all three models feature build hard drive for your media…

Sony BDP-S790 Blu-ray 3D Player

tell us that 1080p resolution doesn’t leave your eyes watering. no? then you should really snag yourself the Sony BDV-S790 Blu-ray 3D Player that is said to guarantee a picture quality that’s four times higher than your usual Full HD movies, thanks to its built-in 4K upscaling. other features include fast dual-core processor, dual HDMI…