Ikea Uppleva

Ikea Uppleva
Ikea Uppleva | from 6,500 SEK | www.ikea.com

having a home entertainment system is usually a complex and messy affair, and the culprit? the chunk of cabling. up till now, if we want to hide those awful looking cables, we will need some good cable management system and probably some extend of customization to your furniture. however, things are set to change come this fall when Ikea Uppleva integrated home entertainment system furniture makes it official launch. yes, this famous Swedish furniture maker is expanding to beyond offering flat pack furniture with this soon-to-launch Uppleva series. do not mistaken it for just another home entertainment system console cos’ it is more than that. though details remain pretty scant at this point but what we do know is the Uppleva will come equipped with a full HD LED TV that has a 400Hz refresh rate, four HDMI inputs, two USB ports and has support for DivX HD files, a DVD/Blu-ray player and a 2.1 system that comprises of a two built-in speakers and a wireless subwoofer. of course, the highlight (at least to us) is there would be no cable mess and the whole system will be commanded by a single remote manufactured by TCL, hence you can say bye-bye to those pricey universal remotes. additionally, extra storage is available within the system to accommodate other devices such as game console and the likes. coming to Sweden, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Portugal this fall and worldwide availability is set sometime in spring 2013 with a price tag starting from 6,500 SEK or about US$970, based on the current going rate. hit the jump for a short (and somewhat cute) Uppleva intro.

Ikea via The Verge via After Dawn

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