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Meet Sony’s First 8K TV, The BRAVIA Master Series Z9G

Sharp was the first to reveal the first 8K TV in 2017 and it was not until 2018 we saw a couple, this time it was from one of the world’s largest display panel makers, LG Electronics and Samsung. Fast forward to January this year, Japanese electronics giant, Sony, also jumped into the probably-too-high-tech-for-our-eyes-to-discern bandwagon by revealing the company’s first 8K LCD TV which it dubbed Sony BRAVIA Master Series Z9G. Continue reading Meet Sony’s First 8K TV, The BRAVIA Master Series Z9G

Flat Screen Goes Retro-licious With Vintage-style 20-inch Japanese LCD TV

If the TV you see above looks very much like the one you have in the living room, then you way behind time and you are probably one heck of a nostalgic person. Well, the good news is, you can now move on to world of flat screen TV while not forsaking the nostalgia because there’s the Vintage-style 20-inch Japanese LCD TV, which is exact the set you see here. With this TV, you get all the goodness that comes with your unbelievable old tube TV, but with the modern wonders brought about by a 20-inch LCD display which is also the reason why instead of a cathode ray tube packed inside the retro-licious cabinet, it is now boast a handy storage space for your audio visual whatnots. Continue reading Flat Screen Goes Retro-licious With Vintage-style 20-inch Japanese LCD TV

Samsung Curved 105-inch 4K TV Cost A Cool $120,000, Available For Pre-order Now

when Samsung first show off its curved 105-inch 4K TV at the CES this year, the company described it as “the world’s first, largest and most curved 105-inch curved UHD TV”, which won’t argue with. now that the price is out, it should add “the most expensive” to the description so you won’t caught falling off the chair when learn that it cost a super cool $120,000. the good news is, Samsung will be offering the UN105S9W with the firm’s “Samsung Elite Service” where Samsung Field Engineers will be there to walk you through your new acquisition’s features and optimized it in accordance to your viewing environment. after which, they will leave and so no, the field engineers are not yours to keep. what’s left is a hulking gadget that has 11 million pixels spread across a display with an unusual aspect ratio and resolution of 21:9 and 5,120 x 2,160 pixels, respectively. Continue reading Samsung Curved 105-inch 4K TV Cost A Cool $120,000, Available For Pre-order Now

This Is Titan Zeus Ultra HD TV And It Cost 1 Million Pound Sterling

there are many things you could buy with 1 million pound sterling, but if have a huge wall that you wish you could turn into a big-ass display, you could use one million quid to grab this appallingly enormous Titan Zeus Ultra HD TV. made by British TV maker Titan Technology, the Zeus measures an astounding 8 meters by 5 meters (about 26′ by 16′) and is fitted with a 370-inch panel that’s capable of 4K resolution. it boasts 65 million colors and tips the scale at nearly a ton. the display is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions, and it is consumer-grade stuff which means any ‘regular’ insanely rich folks with the money to drop can grab one for the said amount. well, at this size, you have give it to Titan for its claim as the maker of the biggest domestic televisions available anywhere. Continue reading This Is Titan Zeus Ultra HD TV And It Cost 1 Million Pound Sterling

TCL 50″ Edge LED 4K Ultra HD TV

never mind the fact that 4K broadcast is still quite a distant away and the contents are limited, but when you have a 4K-capable TV costing under a grand you probably don’t mind future-proofing your home entertainment setup, don’t you? that’s what the Chinese TV maker TCL is offering with the TCL 50″ Edge LED 4K Ultra HD TV (7E504D) which has a sticker of just $999. man. this is totally unbelievable. a 4K TV for less than a grand? till now we are still in disbelieve. set to hit the stores this September, the 7E504D features edge-lit LED technology with 120Hz Clear Motion Index (CMI) engine and is designed to accept native 4K inputs such as from a PC or future 4K players. Continue reading TCL 50″ Edge LED 4K Ultra HD TV

Loewe Reference ID TV

the thing about having near-unlimited disposal income is, you don’t need to look the same as anyone else. such as having a TV that doesn’t look like your neighbors’ or at least, a TV with the aesthetic of your choosing. that’s exactly what the Loewe Reference ID TV is. available in three screen sizes – 40″, 46″ and 55″ – buyers will be able to choose from four colors of aluminum frame and rear, and six color patterns for the huge speaker cover. further options include monochrome LED backlighting for a subtle light around the TV (think Philips Mood Light), as well as the option for matching standalone floor standing speakers. and that’s only just the start, come this Autumn, you will be opened to more choices including wood and leather frame, and further down the road, expect a full “bespoke tailoring” service which allows you to choose you own colors, materials, and even motifs to that added personalization touches. Continue reading Loewe Reference ID TV

Samsung S9000 Series UHD TV

Samsung S9000 Series UHD TV
there aren’t many 4K contents to go around but that hasn’t been a factor for electronics juggernauts from rolling out awesomely huge ultra HD TV. but as you know, the market works with the law of demand-and-supply, so if you start buying more 4K resolution TV, then perhaps we will see more 4K contents which will inevitably result in more hard drives laying around your humble pad (you know how massive those file sizes are, don’t you?). anyway, not to be outdone by their fellow competitors, Samsung has also made the 2013 International CES as their launch pad for new product announcements and Continue reading Samsung S9000 Series UHD TV

Sony X9000A Series 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony 65X900 4K Ultra HD TV
it was just a while ago when 4K resolution TV sounded like a concept than something that mortals with loaded bank accounts can acquire. well, obviously it was not the case. electronics giant are busy rolling them out and one of the latest to be announced is the Sony X9000A Series 4K TV Ultra HD TV. unlike the earlier announcements, the X9000A Series will be available in slightly more practical sizes: 65- and 55-inch, and features an in-your-face 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, boosted by Sony’s 4K X-Reality PRO engine and TRILUMINOS display technology. Continue reading Sony X9000A Series 4K Ultra HD TV


if you think the LG 55EM9700 looks kind of vaguely familiar, you are absolutely right. the 55EM9700 is in fact, an updated version of the impressive OLED TV first showcased at last year’s CES. on the look department, this 55-inch class OLED TV from the Chaebol maker is going make any style-conscious fans tear with joy with its mere 4mm profile and its nearly-non-existence bezel and not to mention, a dream come true for any installer cos’ it tips the scale at less than 10 kilograms (22 lbs). the OLED TV promised to deliver astoundingly vivid and realistic pictures thanks to its WRGB technology. Continue reading LG 55EM9700 OLED TV

Sony HX95 Full LED TV

Sony HX95 Full LED TV
Sony HX95 Full LED TV | US$tba from US$4,999.99 | www.sony.com

ok, perhaps a 4K TV is a little over-the-top for most regular folks. back to reality, at least we can look forward to more realistic flat panel like this Sony HX95 Full LED TV. there’s no denying Sony always shine in the aesthetic department and the HX95 looks to hold up to that reputation with its clean, minimalistic design. along with a Sony standard good look are features such as Sony’s intelligent image processor known as X-Reality PRO, higher contrast than conventional TV with intelligent full LED technology, built-in WiFi, and of course, a full LED backlighting. Continue reading Sony HX95 Full LED TV