when Samsung first show off its curved 105-inch 4K TV at the CES this year, the company described it as “the world’s first, largest and most curved 105-inch curved UHD TV”, which won’t argue with. now that the price is out, it should add “the most expensive” to the description so you won’t caught falling off the chair when learn that it cost a super cool $120,000. the good news is, Samsung will be offering the UN105S9W with the firm’s “Samsung Elite Service” where Samsung Field Engineers will be there to walk you through your new acquisition’s features and optimized it in accordance to your viewing environment. after which, they will leave and so no, the field engineers are not yours to keep. what’s left is a hulking gadget that has 11 million pixels spread across a display with an unusual aspect ratio and resolution of 21:9 and 5,120 x 2,160 pixels, respectively.

thankfully, it has the aesthetic to match its monstrosity (it better be for $120K). the set is clad in a beautiful metallic frame with super narrow bezel and a wood finish back panel. why the back panel? because for first time in the history of TV hardware, you get to see part of the back of a television set (if ever so slightly) and hence, the importance of keeping it (the back) as suave as the rest of the set. it is also a smart TV, which means you will have access to apps and surf the web. there is also a multi-link feature for viewing TV programs and surfing the net at the same time too, and believe it or not, this enormous curved TV is wall-mountable too. hmm. curve device on a flat wall don’t quite sounds right to us, but i am sure some carpentry magic can make it part of the wall. no?

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