Netflix Calibrated TVs Is A Thing And They Are Available With Sony BRAVIA TVs

How many of you here thinks that Netflix is up there in the cinematography arena? I am guessing, not many. Notwithstanding my skepticism and maybe yours too, Sony and Netflix has teamed up to create a Netflix Calibrated Mode for Sony BRAVIA MASTER Series televisions with the sole purpose of ensuring “picture quality preservation according […]

LG Activates Google Assistant On Its ThinQ AI 2018 Super UHD TVs

Remember the 2018 LG Super UHD TV with ThinQ Artificial Intelligence we read about a few months ago? Well, LG has announced that this lineup, along with the its LG OLED TVs, is now blessed with Google’s voice assistant, Google Assistant without the need for additional hardware. With Google Assistant in the picture, you can […]

LG Brings ThinQ Artificial Intelligence To Its 2018 Super UHD TV Lineup

The hottest, non-visible thing in 2018 will be artificial intelligence. Not only this potential sci-fi nightmare technology has made its way to smartphone, it now will make its presence felt in TVs too – all thanks to LG. LG has just announced the company’s 2018 TV lineup which will comes with ThinQ artificial intelligence technology […]

Sony A8F 4K HDR TV Is Loaded With Tech, Uses Its Screen To Produce Audio

One thing that will never not appeared in a big electronic show like the CES is TV. There are abundance of them on the show floor at CES from companies big and small, but we are all ears for what Sony has to offer with its new A8F 4K HDR OLED TV with Acoustic Surface. […]

Sharp Unveiled The World’s First 8K TV, But Do The World Really Need It?

Just as the world is still being enthralled by eye-watering 4K resolution TV, Sharp announces AQUOS 8K, the world’s first 8K-compatible TVs and displays. Holy mother of… 7,680 x 4,320 pixels! Imagine! And guess what? It is not even a prototype. It is already destined for four markets, namely, Japan, China, Taiwan, and EU, starting […]

77-inch LG Signature OLED TV W Goes On Sale In The U.S. For A Cool $20K

Remember the crazy thin LG OLED TV, W7 we first saw in January? If you have been anticipating for the 77-inch variety’s arrival, well, it has now arrive in the U.S. The ginormous 77-inch class “wallpaper” LG Signature OLED TV W (77W7) was launched at Video and Audio Center in Los Angeles yesterday (June 28) […]

Bonkers! LG’s New Flagship OLED 4K TV Has A Profile Thinner Than An iPhone 7!

LG describes its new flagship OLED 4K TV, W7, “razor-thin” and they are probably right ‘cause a mere 2.57 mm (that’s 0.101-inch!) profile on a 65-inch behemoth, its edge would equate to a razor’s edge. Seriously, that’s absolutely mind-blowing, more so when you know that its thinner than your iPhone 7. When mounted on the […]

Sony New Z Series 4K HDR UHD TV Goes Head-to-Head With High-end OLED TV

Some TV manufacturers are falling head-over-heels for OLEDs, but not Sony. The Japanese electronics giant isn’t going to ‘take the easy way out’, at least not when it comes to the race for a bigger chunk of the high-end TV cake. Instead it has invested time and money to create the “the next generation in […]

Vizio SmartCast P-Series Ditches Remote In Favor Of Android Tablet

When Smart TV, aka connected TV, was introduced it changes the way we watch TV and in a way, took a stab at paid cable TV providers. We are no longer bound to free-to-air TV and subject to cable TV’s schedule which often do not fit our lifestyle. It was a new found freedom. A […]

Sceptre Introduces New 55-inch UHD TV with SRS TruSurround HD Sound and Super Thin Bezel

Budget-conscious gadget lovers must be drooling all over the new current flood of UHD TVs. While nice, the current horde of big screen, eye-watering resolution television sets are anything but affordable. And seriously, not everyone needs a 105-inch variety, much less one that spans 8 meters across. This is where California-based TV maker Sceptre comes […]