Remember the 2018 LG Super UHD TV with ThinQ Artificial Intelligence we read about a few months ago? Well, LG has announced that this lineup, along with the its LG OLED TVs, is now blessed with Google’s voice assistant, Google Assistant without the need for additional hardware. With Google Assistant in the picture, you can now control compatible TV, search stuff and more – all by barking into the TV’s remote control.

2018 LG Super UHD TV ThinQ with Google Assistant

“The Google Assistant combines with LG’s award-winning webOS based ThinQ AI to bring new levels of convenience and control to the consumer. This enables 2018 LG TVs to deliver an intuitive AI experience that uses natural language commands to control TV functions, seamlessly discover and play content, and control TV settings. With the Google Assistant, you can ask it to help manage daily tasks, access information, control compatible smart home devices including lighting, appliances and much more.”

In addition, 2018 LG TVs with AI also work with existing Google Assistant devices such as Google Home, as well as other smart speakers that has Assistant built-in, to allow you to send voice commands from other Assistant-enabled device to your LG TV. Now, that’s convenience – if you are comfortable in “talking” to cold, soul-less hardware, that is.

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There’s a caveat though: 2018 LG TVs with AI will only work with other Google Assistant devices in select countries. So far, it is enabled in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, but further expansion will be announced later this year.

2018 LG Super UHD TV ThinQ with Google Assistant

Images courtesy of LG Electronics.

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