In case you have been living under the rock at the bottom of Mariana Trench, the iPhone 8 has a new color. Yep. If you are thinking red, you are right and it is not surprisingly the (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition which, if you acquire it, part of the proceed will be go to help provide testing, counseling and treatment of tens of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS. That’s about it. The signature red is not going to boost its performance. It looks pretty much like the previous iPhone (PRODUCT)RED, except this time it has glass enclosure which the original iPhone 8 touts.

Apple iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition

If you ask me, it definitely looks nicer with red under the glass. One benefit I can think of is, you won’t have worry about the red fading. Oh, one more thing. The front is black glass as the opposed to the white which so many have their hands up in the air in dismay when the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED (and resulting in some transplanting it just to have the black glass front). I guess Apple does listen. Anywho, I thought the red and black combo is the right thing to do. Apple iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition is available online in select countries and regions (it has been available since April 13, btw). Expect to shell out at least $699 for a unit.

Apple iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition

On a related news… Apple is probably contemplating the prospect of (PRODUCT)RED the X too, but I guess they didn’t for reasons I can only speculate. But fret not Apple fans with deep pockets (who rather die than owning a iPhone 8 even if it is in red), Apple has also introduced a new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X… Leather Folio (ha!) to satisfy your need for the iPhone X to be in red. It is not iPhone X (PRODUCT)RED, but it is the closest you will get to one.

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As with any (PRODUCT)RED product (feels weird saying this, btw), portion of proceeds of this cover will go directly to Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants. You can find the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X Leather Folio on Apple online store, Apple Store app and Apple Stores, priced at $99 a pop.

Apple (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X Leather Folio

All images courtesy of Apple.

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