Larsonic Bluetooth Boombox

Larsonic Bluetooth Boombox
Larsonic Bluetooth Boombox | US$133.20 |

remember those days where it was fashionable, if not stylish, to be lugging an oversized, cassette-playing boombox on your shoulder while straddling down your local street or beaches? if you are still reminiscing about those good old days, Larsonic Electronics has just what you need to relive those golden years – if you really want to. meet the Larsonic Bluetooth Boombox, fashioned like the classic boombox of the yesteryear, this high performance Bluetooth stereo offers a myriad of options to connect to your music sources, including Bluetooth connectivity, USB input, SD card reader, as well as 3.5mm audio input, outputting your digital tunes via a pair of 15W full-range drivers. other features include built-in AM/FM radio tuner, a functional LCD display, clock and alarm clock functionality, equalizer, remote control, and last but not least, a dead cool, old school boombox design with loads of color accents to go with it. oh, we heard it can be used as a speakerphone too but we are not really sure. anyway, the Larsonic Bluetooth Boombox could be yours for $133.20. other 80s gears such as ridiculously bright hued baggy pants and sweat-absorbing headbands are entirely optional but we think they will go perfectly with this boombox. click on the above image for larger view.

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