Vineyard Vines Add Some Sweet Patterns To Already Super Cool DemerBox Waterproof Speakers

DemerBox has made a name in creating super dope-looking, nearly indestructible and waterproof Pelican case boombox. Vineyard Vines is NOT a vineyard. It is a lifestyle apparel brand (with vineyard lineage, no less) identified by its sweet smiling pink whale logo. The two brands have come together to introduce limited edition DemerBox waterproof speakers, featuring […]

This Year, Sony Wants You To Party With An Upright BoomBox

Party animals, specifically those who love to make a disco out of their home or just about anywhere, you will be glad that Sony has just the right equipment for you. No, it is not a DJ console (but it can do that too). It is what Sony called “high-power home audio systems.” Altogether, there […]

Do You Know Roland Had A BoomBox That Plays MIDI Music From 3.5” Floppy?

Before lossless audio files and before MP3, MIDI was the king of digital music. Now, I am sure you knew that, but do you know Japanese maker of electronic musical instrument, Roland, had a MIDI music player during MIDI’s heyday? Well, if that’s not surprising enough, I am sure your mind will be blown if […]

Someone Turned An 80s Fisher Price Cassette Player Into A Boombox

Turning luggage into boombox aren’t new, but turning a toy-ish vintage cassette tape player into a Bluetooth speaker? Well, that’s refreshing. The Fisher-Price Bluetooth Boombox Stereo Vintage Tape Cassette Player is exactly that. It is the handiwork of Etsy seller HiFiLuggage who have convert a 1980s Fisher Price Cassette Player into a fit-for-modern-day Bluetooth speaker […]

Modern Walnut Boombox: MCM Style And Sensibility Sure Looks Fantastic

It’s no secret we are completely obsessed with style (disclaimer: we are not stylish, at least not in our own opinions) and when we come across a gadget that’s not only functional but oozes with style, you can be sure it will be here. The Modern Walnut Boombox by Chicago-based The HiFi Case is one […]

AT-BT Boombox: A Delightful Boombox in the Shape of Star Wars AT-AT

You know AT-AT from the Star Wars franchise stands for All Terrain Armored Transport, but do you know what AT-BT stands for? I got you there, right? AT-BT is not from Star Wars and it stands for All Terrain Beats Transport which is basically a boombox, shaped in the likeness of the iconic walking armored […]

DemerBox Are Rugged Bluetooth Speakers That Actually Looks Rugged And Stores Stuff Too

rugged Bluetooth speaker is a subcategory of Bluetooth speakers which are getting pretty overcrowded too, but if you really think about it, does all those Bluetooth speakers that claimed to be rugged really inspired any confidence? probably not. what you need is a sound box that actually gives you the confidence and in the case […]

Pyle Street Blaster 1000W Boombox

no. what you see here is not a jet engine, but it is an equivalent monster in the portable audio world. it is the Pyle Street Blaster 1000W Boombox that, as the product name implies, offers a house-shattering 1000W of audio grunt. when was the last time you heard of a portable that gives you anything more than…

bēm Boom Box Portable Bluetooth Speaker

miss those good old days where you used to strut down the beachside with a stereo boombox on your shoulder? now you can relive those moments with the bēm Boom Box Portable Bluetooth Speaker. but of course, gone are the days of cassette tapes and hefty sized system, and in comes an equally befitting

SOUL Party In A Box BoomBox

need to bring the house down for your next party? then the SOUL Party In A Box BoomBox (P910) is your perfect partner-in-crime. not only can you rock it away in your house, you can bring this sleek package anywhere and keep on grooving away – well, as long cops aren’t an issue. packed within this sleek modern day boombox is an eight