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Sony MDR-1RBT Bluetooth Headphones
Sony MDR-1 Headphones | from US$299.00 |

headphones from the likes of Beats, Soul, and The House of Marley may not appeal to all, especially for those who demand a more serious presentation in keeping with their straight-face image. the good news is, Sony’s designs have always been for the ‘serious bunch’ and the latest Sony MDR-1 range of headphones is no exception. available in three flavors: standard (MDR-1R, $299), Bluetooth wireless (MDR-1RBT, $399) and digital noise canceling (MDR-1RNC, $499) versions, the MDR-1 Headphones are the result of a collaboration between Sony and leading music industry figures. the MDR-1R features specially-engineered 40 mm HD drivers with neodymium magnets, liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm, pressure-relieving cushions for supportive, wrap-around feel and effective acoustic seal, articulated earcups with silicone rings to eliminate mechanical rattle and smooth articulation, and a tangle-free cable design with inline remote and integrated microphone for music controls and taking of calls.

the MDR-1RBT offers the same level of audio goodness as the standard MDR-1 cans but with the benefit of being wire-free via Bluetooth connectivity and has an incredible 30 hours of battery life in between charges. it also features a one-touch function that allows for seamless transition from listening to your speakers to the MDR-1RBT headphones. last but not least is the MDR-1RNC, a digital noise canceling cans that features digital dual noise sensors coupled with twin digital noise canceling software engines to offer up to 99.7% reduction of ambient noise for up to 22 hours per charge. both the Bluetooth and Noise Canceling models are equipped with Sony’s S-Master Digital Amplifier technology for the added detailed audio reproduction and Sony’s Digital Sound Enhancement Engine for improved frequency response with heavily compressed audio sources. coming to you this November via Sony Stores, as well as authorized retailers. hit the jump for a small gallery of the new MDR-1 Headphones from Sony.

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