The point of an ALTIVS AXP underwater scooter will be defeated if you are using a snorkel or snorkel mask because you will soon need to resurface for air even if the AXP didn’t need to. But if you use the SCORKL, then you could go on for up to 10 minutes underwater.

SCORKL 2.0 Electric Kickstarter

SCORKL was invented by Australian open-water lover David Hallamore in 2017. The support for the underwater breathing apparatus was overwhelming when it was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It drew over 2,000 backers who contributed over 1.2 million Australian dollars in funding.

Fast forward to 2023, SCORKL brings to the market SCORKL 2.0 – Electric which introduces an all-new SCORKL Electric Compressor and SCORKL Battery Pack. The SCORKL mini tank remains the same but instead of refilling from a scuba tank, a dive compressor, or a high-pressure hand pump, it has a purpose-designed, portable, and lightweight electric compressor to do the job.

The electric compressor can be powered by any wall outlet, or powered directly by the car or boat battery. The compressor lets you refill the SCORKL at the touch of a button and while doing so, filters the air to Grade E scuba quality.

SCORKL 2.0 Electric Kickstarter

Along with the SCORKL Electric Compressor, there is also a SCORKL Battery Pack which will allow you to enjoy the underwater off-the-grid. The Battery Pack uses everyday 18V power tool batteries to supply electricity to the SCORKL Electric Compressor. It will work with 18V batteries from major brands including Milwaukee, Mikita, Dewalt, and Bosch.

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The SCORKL is not just a dock for batteries to power the compressor; it also has a built-in LED flashlight and USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

You may learn more about SCORKL 2.0 Electric on Kickstarter where it is on the final leg of its crowdfunding campaign. The campaign has met its funding goal. If you are down, you may join the 300-plus backers who have contributed nearly $300,000 to pledge for a product.

SCORKL 2.0 Electric Kickstarter

The price of the SCORKL starts at 306 AUD (about US$199), and the Battery Pack and the Electric Compressor start at 306 AUD and 1,152 AUD (US$199 and US$749), respectively. The Starter Pack which includes a SCORKL and the Electric Compressor starts at 1,458 AUD (about US$948) while the Starter Pack Off-Grid, which is the Starter Pack plus the Battery Pack, starts at 1,765 AUD (around US$1,147).

If all goes as planned, shipping should commence in March 2024.

SCORKL 2.0 Electric Kickstarter

Images: Scorkl.

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