Diveroid Is An Awesome Accessory That Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Dive Computer

There are divers and there are Instagram generation divers. If you are the latter, then you are going to dig this diving gear called Diveroid from Artisan & Ocean has to offer. Diveroid is a clever accessory that turns your smartphone into an an all-in-one dive computer, complete with underwater imaging functionality.

Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver Bronze Navy Blue Pays Homage To Diving With Bronze Case

We all know how a typical diving watch looks like, but nothing expresses your love for the deep blue like a diving watch in bronze, a material closely associated to the iconic vintage diving helmet.

AEROTEC Sea Hunt 500m Diving Watch: They Never Do Dive Watches Like This Anymore

Look at the AEROTEC Sea Hunt 500m Diving Watch. Watchmakers certainly don’t do dive watches like this and even if they do, they’d cost a bomb. Not this chunky little guy, though.

Citizen Unveiled Limited Edition PROMASTER Watches At Baselworld

I can’t remember when non-luxe watchmaker began their presence at Baselworld. Anyways, here they are some watches from the nearly 9 decade old Japanese watchmaker Citizen. Marking the 30th anniversary of the company’s PROMASTER series, Citizen has announced 3 celebratory watches at this year’s Baselworld, highlighting the three categories, Air, Land and Sea. The three […]

Alien Facehugger Snorkel Mask Because, Aliens Love The Sea?

Besides Google, ThinkGeek is perhaps the biggest prankster on April Fools’ day. This year is no exception and this particular ‘prank’ product really had us thinking: hey, you know what? It could work! The prank product in question is the Alien Facehugger Snorkel Mask. Yep. I know right. It really could work. I am not […]

James Bond Probably Has Some Use For This Suit-like Wetsuit

Remember how in some James Bond movies, our dear everybody-knows-who-he-is, not-so-secret, secret agent emerged from the sea and swiftly swapped into a tuxedo suitable for ‘infiltrating’ a high society party? Well, If only dear Mr. Bond had Trompe L’Oeil Technical Wetsuit by Thom Browne, he wouldn’t even need a change. He can just step out […]

ParaLenz Is The First Action Camera Built From The Ground Up For Divers

Action cameras for land action are a dime a dozen, but when it comes to below the water surface, it is really far and few between. That is not say there aren’t any. There are, but most of them are not design from the ground up to deal with underwater conditions and the optics aren’t […]

How “Jetboots” Helped Elite Forces In Modern Warfare And Yes, They Exist!

There are many tech developed by private contractors for the government that we don’t know about. Some of these tech, like those once used by CIA, were quite mind-boggling advanced for their time. Now, this probably don’t come as a surprise – thanks the hordes of Hollywood spy movies, but I bet you didn’t know […]

This Dive Tank Floats On The Surface So You Dive Without Being Weighed Down

Remember how Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor), led by Jar Jar Binks, dive underwater to reach Otoh Gunga in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace? In that scene, the Jedis used futuristic tiny breathing apparatus on their mouths to survive underwater. Well, the AirBuddy you see here is not […]

This Ski Bindings-like Device Lets You Wear Your Diving Flippers Handsfree

If you scuba dive, you will probably understand the pain trying to put on the flippers after you have fully geared up. I mean, slipping on the flippers isn’t that hard; it’s those gears on you that hinders the process – more so, if the boat is tiny, but not for long, cos’ an Italy […]