Undone x Popeye “Seaweed” & “Arabian Knight” Watches

Popeye is a sailor. Diving is not quite his forte, but somehow, the Undone x Popeye “Seaweed” Diving Watch seems very fitting. Is it because of the “seaweed”? I am not sure. Anyway, yes, there’s another Popeye timepiece, this time brought to you by Undone.

Undone x Popeye “Seaweed” Diving Watch

Introducing a unique timepiece that captures the essence of 2021’s most coveted colors within the world of watch collecting. This character watch exudes an air of vintage elegance by seamlessly blending an emerald green dial and bezel with a gilded case.

At the heart of the watch, Popeye himself takes center stage, proudly sporting his iconic one-eyed squint and corn-cob pipe. His comically muscular arms double as the hour and minute hands, infusing whimsical charm into the timekeeping experience.

Encircling the opulent green dial, a bi-directional rotating bezel features beige diver function numerals, making it perfect for timing various events.

Undone x Popeye “Seaweed” Diving Watch

To complete the vintage-inspired look, the watch is adorned with a green leather strap, adding a touch of distinct character and nostalgia to your wrist.

Key specifications that may interest you include a Japanese TMI NH35A/NH39 automatic winding mechanism, 40 mm 316: stainless steel case, LEXAN polycarbonate lens, a transparent case back with Popeye branding, and water resistance to 100 meters (330 feet).

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The Undone x Popeye “Seaweed” Diving Watch is available now from undone.com for US$440.

A diving watch, while handsome, may not be fitting for all occasions. But not to worry because Undone with Popeye has you covered too with the Undone x Popeye “Arabian Knight” Automatic. Official story:

“Everyone’s favourite one eye squinting, spinach chewing sailorman swaps out his old corncob pipe for the more philosophical shisha hookah and sets off into the desert sea looking for answers. With the help of the Popeye, UNDONE revisits its gemstoned inspired reflection on the ephemerality of the human condition, as expressed poetically in this timeless persian adage.”

Undone x Popeye “Arabian Knight” Automatic

The new Undone x Popeye “Arabian Knight” Automatic is powered by a Japanese TMI NH35A/NH39 automatic winding mechanism and features a 37 mm 316L stainless steel case with double dome sapphire crystal. It also has a clear case back featuring a black and white Popeye logo, along with the edition number.

And yes, this timepiece is limited. It is an edition number of 300. The watch has a water resistance of 50 meters (164 feet).

The Undone x Popeye “Arabian Knight” Automatic can be had for US$499.

Undone x Popeye “Arabian Knight” Automatic
Undone x Popeye “Arabian Knight” Automatic

Images: Undone.