Waking up while holidaying at some exotic beach resort is never as dreadful as waking up at home, knowing that it is time to drag your dead weight to work. But with Sensorwake Trio, the first tri-sense alarm clock, you can fool yourself into thinking that you are waking to a beautiful beach side resort. With this novel alarm clock, you’d be rousing from your slumber to the smell of sea breeze, the soft light of a raising sun, and a gentle melody.

Sensorwake Trio Tri-sense Alarm Clock

It is not real. I mean, the alarm clock is very real, but you waking up at a seaside resort is not, but it is way better then the usual blaring alarm clock sound, isn’t it? Created by Google-accelerated French startup, Bescent, Sensorwake’s retrolistic cube form belies a wake tech that combines smell, sight and sound that will rouse even the deepest sleepers. Waking them up, feeling motivated and in a better mood. Here’s how it works:

1) Scent is activated from clean-air aromatherapy scent capsules;
2) Blue progressive light triggers a minute later;
3) one of the several pre-loaded melodies will start playing back two minutes later.

Sensorwake Trio Tri-sense Alarm Clock

The scent is created in collaboration with Swiss fragrance maker Givaudan and uses dry diffusion method to disperse the smell without need for liquids, heating elements, mist and the mess associated with traditional scent diffusers. There is a selection of scent available, including pine forest, peppermint, and interestingly, even breakfast-inspired scents like chocolate factory, orange juice and cappuccino. Each capsule is good for up to 30 wakeup.

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You can find Sensorwake Trio Tri-sense Alarm Clock on Kickstarter for the next 36 days or so where you can pre-order one, starting at $59. Additional scent capsules can also be pre-ordered for $15 for a pack of six. Go check it out.

Sensorwake Trio Tri-sense Alarm Clock

Sensorwake Trio Tri-sense Alarm Clock

Sensorwake Trio Tri-sense Alarm Clock

Images courtesy of Bescent/Guillaume Rolland.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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