there are many things that restaurants do to make those delectable culinary dishes that you can’t replicate at home. there’s no magic or voodoo there, sometimes it all comes down to the equipment they use which are often only available for businesses i.e those equipment are either ridiculously expensive, or they take up a whole lot of space, or both. take for example dry-aging steaks which requires dedicated fridge that offers constant temperature and does not have high humidity. if you have pots of gold lying around and have a mega-size kitchen, you probably can acquire a commercial-grade refrigerator for dry-aging steaks, but for the rest of us, there is the Steaklocker to get the job done with relatively affordable outlay and without eating up half of your kitchen space. in short, Steaklocker is for everyday people.

Steaklocker In-home Dry Age Steak Fridge

it works with a companion app, available for both Android and iOS devices, to let you stay on top of parameters like temperature and humidity in real-time and alert you if the preset values are exceeded so that your dry-age product will not go to waste. there is also a UV light built-in to curb bacteria growth so that what you eventually consume will be flavorful, dry-age steaks that won’t sent you into a food poisoning frenzy. the Steaklocker In-home Dry Age Steak Fridge recently ran a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which see it raising over $190,000.

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if you missed the boat, fret not cos’ it is now on Indiegogo on another round of fund pulling exercise where you can score yourself a Steaklocker In-home Dry Age Steak Fridge for just $575. well, that’s for the ‘super early bird’, if that runs out, you are looking at $599 for early bird or $699 if that runs out too. delivery is expected to commence sometime in November 2014. click past the fold for a product pitch video to get further acquainted with the Steaklocker.

Steaklocker In-home Dry Age Steak Fridge

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