When we talked about folding knife or Swiss Army knife, the image of a pocketable knife conjures up, but not in the case of the Multiblade Folding Knife. Hailed as the “Mother of all Swiss Arm knives,” this thing is a monster in the foldable knives’ world, both in terms of sheer size and number of tools it has. Measuring an astounding 9 1/4 inches long, 3 1/2 inch wide and thick, it packs a whopping 100 tools (!), including a serrated blade, two daggers, a selection of shears and scissors, auger, corkscrew, two saws, a lancet, button hook, cigar cutter, tuning fork, writing instruments, a mirror, razor and even functional .22 caliber five-shot pinfire revolver – just to name a few.

Multiblade Folding Knife

If folding blades prove to be an inconvenience to you, flipping open the tortoiseshell handle will reveal four compartments with more tools, albeit super tiny ones. While it may have just about every situations covered, it does lack of a modern convenience and that’s the bottle opener, but to be fair, this thing is ancient and was made around 1880, which was way before bottle cap was invented. If bottle cap was invented and boozes were served in them, then I am sure it would be among the tools. Then again, it is not quite our concern because this behemoth is not for sale.

Anyways, it was originally crafted in Germany for J.S. Holler & Co’s cutlery store in NYC as a display piece to highlight the cutlers’ art and is part of the Smithsonian’s collection, currently on loan to Cody Firearms Museum up to Fall 2015.

Multiblade Folding Knife

Multiblade Folding Knife

The National Museum of American History via Cool Material

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