Tesla ‘Solid Metal Snake’ Charger

In a way, Tesla Motors is like the Apple of the automotive world. It kind of revolutionized the automotive industry by pushing electric cars into the mainstream market. With the success of electric cars behind it, the ambitious and visionary head honcho, Elon Musk, isn’t about to rest on its laurels and continues to push the boundary with home battery and now, realizing a charging solution that we could only described as years ahead of our time. First hinted late last year, the ‘solid metal snake’, as it is referred to, is a flexible charging contraption that’s suppose to extend out from the wall automatically and plugs itself to the electric car to initiate charging without any form of physical intervention on the driver’s part.

Unlike induction charging solution, which some makers have been exploring, Tesla’s solution does not require precision parking. As long as the car is parked within a certain range (and in the correct orientation, of course), ’solid metal snake’ will make its way to car’s charging port, completing the connection necessary for the recharging routine. As to why it is called ‘solid metal snake’, well, it is actually pretty obvious; the segmented and elongated device flexes and bends in a manner of a snake to facilitate it in reaching its target.

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With Elon Musk, it is almost always not just outlandish ideas; he made it happen and so here we are, witnessing the ‘solid metal snake’ in action, which you can find in the embedded video below. Though it is worthy to note that this is in its prototype phase and therefore, it ain’t going to stick out of a wall, but it is enough to give you an idea of what Musk and his team have in mind with regards to charging solution of the future. Wait, or is it, near future? Anywho, go head and click past the jump for the said video. Welcome to the future.

YouTube via Ubergizmo