Omnicharge Power Station Line Leasing Program: Social Distancing Without Rewiring The Office

A resilient company is not big companies like Apple or Samsung. It is small-to-medium size company that adapts to the current business and social environment. Omnicharge is one such companies.

Anker Charging Dock Charges And Organizes Your Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset And Controllers At The Same Time

Good news, users of Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Anker has launched a new accessory for those who are looking for a neat way to charge their Oculus Quest 2 and the Touch controllers.

How Is This Joker-inspired Cyberpunk Design Wireless Charging Pad Not Getting Attention?

When a product becomes more common, the designs can become rather uninspiring. Wireless charging pad is one such products. Then again, what else more design can a charging pad incorporate? Give it a Millennium Falcon form, or may be throwing in transmutation into the mix? Or perhaps gave it a cyberpunk aesthetic like the DROP-IT?

These Gorgeous Gadgets Will Contribute To Less Plastic Trash In The Ocean

You are well aware of the plastic trash problem the world’s facing. Instead just reading about it, or more commendably, swim out into the open water to collect the trash yourself, you can pick up these new gadgets, namely, HomeBase, Solar Boombox, and Powerbank, from Solgaard Design.

Volkswagen Envisioned EV Charging Station That Comes To Your Electric Vehicle

While Tesla Motors and Fisker aims to have more charging stations, Volkswagen envisioned a future where charging station comes to your electric vehicle. You heard that right. We are talking about mobile charging robots here.

Here’s A Charger That Has The Look And Power For Professionals

Mobile charger is a dime a dozen, but if you are up for one that performs and has the look to match your professional work, the OneAdaptr EVRI 80W USB-C Charger is one suitable candidate. It is designed with mobile professional in kind and has the power to charge any USB-C laptop in the market …

Satechi Smart Charging Stand Charges Three Phones And A Smartwatch

With all the gadgets available to us, it is no doubt a good time to be alive. Though it is not without woes. You know, woes like having to deal with tangle of USB charging cables and limited wall sockets, just to name a couple. This is where Satechi USB Smart Charging Stand comes in. …

Real-life Pokémon Center Is Sure To Draw Flocks Of Juice-hungry Trainers

If you play Pokémon Go, you will be familiar with PokéStop and PokéGym. The area around the former is the place where many fellow Pokémon Go players (or trainers, if you want to be pro about the terms) inadvertently convene and you may also know that one cannot play the game all-day long as this …

Griffin New PowerDock Pro Is Sleeker And Packs More Power

Until the day comes when one device could do it all, we will have to live with multiple mobile devices. Then again, not many folks own more than a smartphone and a tablet, but if you happen to own more than two, or you have a family with multiple devices, then Griffin PowerDock Pro could …