I am sure you are familiar with a charging station, or power hub. It lets you charge multiple USB-powered gadgets with a single charging device. I am also sure you are familiar with a power bank. Now, imagine these two things rolled into one and you get a 2-in-1.

AOHi Starship 2-in-1 40000 mAh Power Bank

The idea of a charging station/power bank isn’t new. But this new kid on the block, the AOHi Starship 2-in-1 40000 mAh Power Bank, is not any other. It has the look, it is lightweight (900g/2 lbs), and it can totally handle a laptop’s charging need with ease, along with two other gadgets at the desk or on the go.

Billed as the world’s most powerful 2-in-1 40,000 mAh portable power bank, this little big guy offers an impressive 140 W output and two charging modes. The whopping 40,000 mAh battery ensures it has the juice your gadgets need – including a laptop, when on the go.

When on the desktop, hooked up to a power supply, it serves as a charging station for your various devices, negating the need for individual adapters for the different devices. It will supply power to the devices while bypassing its own battery to ensure battery longevity. When it is done topping up the devices, it will switch to topping up its own battery, so it’ll be ready when your next outing.

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AOHi Starship 2-in-1 40000 mAh Power Bank

While on the go, Spaceship pretty much does the same without having to be plugged in because, well, it is a power bank too. It features intelligent power distribution that ensures optimal power allocation for the different devices plugged in.

The AOHi Starship packs three output ports: two USB-C and USB-A, each capable of up to 140 W output. And yes, it totally can charge three devices simultaneously. There is another USB-C port for plugging into the outlet when a serving as charging station and for recharging the onboard battery. It will take just an hour and a half to fully top the 40,000 mAh.

If you are down, you may pre-order the AOHi Starship 2-in-1 40000 mAh Power Bank from Kickstarter by pledging a product for US$159 or more. The campaign has already met its funding goal, so a pledge for a product is a pre-order. This is the third AOHi (pronounced ‘O’ ‘I’) campaign on Kickstarter, btw. So no. These guys aren’t new to crowdfunding.

AOHi Starship 2-in-1 40000 mAh Power Bank
AOHi Starship 2-in-1 40000 mAh Power Bank

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Image: AOHi.

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