however elegant is your home, you can never get away with cable clutter. it is a disease in the gadget world that’s not going to go away anytime soon. even with the propagation of wireless solutions, we are still being plagued by it, cos’ after all, those gadgets still need to be powered and/or charged. the solution? chuck them into a bin and in this case, a CableBin. there is nothing mind-boggling here: it is a trash can-like bin (but sleeker, nevertheless) that instead of trash, swallows up your surge protectors, power strips and even your router, leaving just an opening for the necessary cables to be exposed, lock and ready for you whenever you need them. like i said, it is nothing magical; the CableBin is a simplest form of cable management system, but pretty clever at the same time.

it has a lid with an opening for your charging cables and connectors and a gap on the wall of the bin for the main cables of the electronics inside to reach out the power outlet, or in the case of router, to the cable Internet socket. the unsightly stuff remains in the cylindrical bin, along with the surge protectors and stuff which are secured to the inside wall with the supplied adhesive hooks. it is not perfect for sure, but we just have to go with the age old saying “out of sight, out of mind” for now and so yes, this is your best bet for an uncluttered work or home environment. period. besides, this is probably the largest cable management system you can find in the market to take it all in. available now direct from Bluelounge for $89.95 a pop. check out a few more look in the image gallery below.

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