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10-Y.O. Cableyoyo Gets A Modern Spin, Lets You Wind and Unwind In Seconds

Did you notice something in common across all makes and models of earbuds? Some may come with fancy storage box, but never one with a cable management that lets you coil the earphones in a proper manner. It was with the conviction to create a solution to this messy problem that Cableyoyo was born ten years ago. Fast forward ten years, Bluelounge, the outfit behind the simple yet effective cable management solution, marks this milestone with a modern spin of the Cableyoyo right where it first launched the product: at the Consumer Electronics Show. Continue reading 10-Y.O. Cableyoyo Gets A Modern Spin, Lets You Wind and Unwind In Seconds

This Coaster-like ‘Stand’ Lets You Charge Your Apple Watch on Its Side

When we talked about Apple Watch stand, the image of a vertical stand conjures up. Well, there is nothing wrong with that, really, but if the style-conscious side of you is screaming for something entirely unique and super simple to use, then we suspect the Kosta Apple Watch Charging Coaster will be right up your style alley. As the product name implies, it is not really a stand at all. In fact, it resembles a coaster that lets you place your Apple Watch the way it’s intended: in nightstand mode i.e. on its side. But why? Simple; so you can still have access to the watch functionality like alarm clock and the all-important snooze function. Continue reading This Coaster-like ‘Stand’ Lets You Charge Your Apple Watch on Its Side

Meet Posto, an Inexpensive and Elegant Way of Hanging Up Your Expensive Headphones

If you own a pair of expensive headphones, it is only wise to take care of it, unless you are some richie rich who don’t give a damn about anything and in that case, we have nothing else to say. Anyway, for everyone else who cares, you start by making sure your treasured audio cans has a good place to rest when not in use and hanging in on stand like the Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand is one solution that ensure your precious one won’t run the risk of being step or sit on. Don’t laugh. It will happen and worst, we heard of someone who left their precious pair on top of a just-used amp and the faux leather wrapping the ear cups nearly melted. Continue reading Meet Posto, an Inexpensive and Elegant Way of Hanging Up Your Expensive Headphones

Bluelounge Jimi USB Port Extension For iMac

want to extend your awkward, rear-facing USB port to the front of your iMac, but don’t want the ‘perk’ of clutter at the base of your iMac? well, then we are guessing Jimi might be of an assistant. Jimi is not a person. Jimi is a “J” shaped USB extension designed specifically for 21″ and 27″ iMac (slim unibody – those with crazy thin edges). just plug the male connector of the USB extension to the port of your choice at the back of your iMac, align the bottom of the “J” and snaps it into the downward air vent of your iMac, and you got yourself a super cool front-facing USB port without cluttering the foot of your Mac. not sure if you can deploy more than one though, but we are guessing that blocking too many of the air vents is not cool (pun not intended). then again, one is what most people will ever need, so not having many shouldn’t be a biggie. an exceedingly simple idea, but we think it is a brilliant one, nonetheless. what’s your take? the Bluelounge Jimi USB Port Extension for iMac is available now for just $14.95 a pop. product video follows after the break. Continue reading Bluelounge Jimi USB Port Extension For iMac

Bluelounge Kii Micro USB Sync Cable

you have been envying Apple users for having so many good stuff like the Kii Sync Cable, but that envy can stop right now as far as sleek sync cable is concerned. meet the Kii Micro USB Sync Cable, a charger/connector that lets you charge and synch on-the-go most mobile devices with extreme portability. designed to resemble a key, the ‘head’ of the key doubles as a protector for the micro USB when not in use and has a key hole in it which you can loop into your keychain along with your house or dorm key so that you will never forget your charge/sync cable again. Continue reading Bluelounge Kii Micro USB Sync Cable

Bluelounge Sanctuary4

when you have one device too many, you probably need something to organize them as oppose to having them on the different wall outlets around your pad and the Bluelounge Sanctuary4 would be an ideal piece of accessory to bring them all together. so if you have a tablet and a couple of phones, the Bluelounge Sanctuary4 will provide a charging haven and nesting place for them. it has a tablet stand that suits most tablets, even with case on and a space spacious enough for up to smartphones such as iPhone and the HTC One. the rubberized tray where the devices rest on is adjustable in angle and also hides the cable clutter away, making this one neat accessory. Continue reading Bluelounge Sanctuary4

Bluelounge CableBin Cable Management System

however elegant is your home, you can never get away with cable clutter. it is a disease in the gadget world that’s not going to go away anytime soon. even with the propagation of wireless solutions, we are still being plagued by it, cos’ after all, those gadgets still need to be powered and/or charged. the solution? chuck them into a bin and in this case, a CableBin. there is nothing mind-boggling here: it is a trash can-like bin (but sleeker, nevertheless) that instead of trash, swallows up your surge protectors, power strips and even your router, leaving just an opening for the necessary cables to be exposed, lock and ready for you whenever you need them. like i said, it is nothing magical; the CableBin is a simplest form of cable management system, but pretty clever at the same time. Continue reading Bluelounge CableBin Cable Management System

Bluelounge Rolio

we spool up our garden hose, our cable, heck even vacuum has it’s own spooling system, so why should our 1 meter Apple Lightning cable left unspooled? well, here’s one nifty accessory that will let you spool up your Lightning cable for a neater gadget life. before you jump in and says “big deal, i have seen such contraption already” we have to say the Bluelounge Rolio is not your run-of-the-mill cable management for USB cable such as the Lightning cable. not only does it let you manage your cable by rolling the cable up, it is also a handy wall dock that works in conjunction with your Apple USB power adapter so you can keep both your precious handset and cable off the floor. i think you already know that cos’ the image above pretty much tells it all, doesn’t it? Continue reading Bluelounge Rolio

Bluelounge Kii Sync Cable and Saidoka Dock

the quest to reduce our desktop clutter never cease and thanks to company like Bluelounge, iPhone 5 users will have an edge over other device users when it comes to cleaning up the clutter. meet the Bluelounge Kii Sync Cable and Saidoka Dock, the two accessories that will help you to improve your desk tidiness regardless whether you are a laptop or desktop user. the Kii is a uber compact charger-connector featuring an Apple Lightning connector on one end and a USB connector on the other, concealed away in the likeness of a key, that you could fit to your keychain and bring it anywhere you go. basically, all you need to do is to remove the head and the tip to reveal the Lightning connector and the USB connector, respectively, and you are pretty much all set. also available in the 30-pin variant and comes in black and white, the Bluelounge Kii can be yours to own now for $39.95 a pop. Continue reading Bluelounge Kii Sync Cable and Saidoka Dock

Bluelounge MiniDock for iPhone 5

looking to cut the clutter in your gadget-laden life? well, you can start by getting rid of your iPhone 5 charging/syncing cable with this nifty little accessory called MiniDock for iPhone 5. if the ‘MiniDock’ sounds a somewhat familiar to you, you’d be right: it was introduced a couple of years ago for the iPhone 4 and now, it is being redesigned for the iPhone 5. the concept remains the same: it is designed to work with your Apple USB power adapters, allowing you to charge your iPhone directly from the wall outlet. and that’s all to it. simple and functional, just like the iDevices you own. just think of it as an ultra portable iPhone dock that lets you charge anywhere where there’s wall outlet. and since it is a dock, it props up the phone and off the ground, you can therefore easily steal a glance at the charging status and also not accidentally kick your device which will inadvertently happen if its on the floor. available for the US, UK and EU, the Bluelounge MiniDock for iPhone 5 can be yours for $39.95 each.