we spool up our garden hose, our cable, heck even vacuum has it’s own spooling system, so why should our 1 meter Apple Lightning cable left unspooled? well, here’s one nifty accessory that will let you spool up your Lightning cable for a neater gadget life. before you jump in and says “big deal, i have seen such contraption already” we have to say the Bluelounge Rolio is not your run-of-the-mill cable management for USB cable such as the Lightning cable. not only does it let you manage your cable by rolling the cable up, it is also a handy wall dock that works in conjunction with your Apple USB power adapter so you can keep both your precious handset and cable off the floor. i think you already know that cos’ the image above pretty much tells it all, doesn’t it?

the Bluelounge Rolio provides the perfect solution if you are not ready to commit to more pricey docking solutions and besides, it makes an pretty awesome travel accessory for your gadget. we love the flexibility Rolio has to offer; you can use it on your desk with your Mac, or use it as a wall dock whenever the need arise. and the deal sealer here? it cost less than 10 bucks to own. obviously, USB power adapter and Lightning cable are not included, but hey, when was the last time you see a quality iOS device accessory that cost just 10 bucks? hardly, we would imagine. so, the ball is in your court now. more look in the gallery below and while you are there, you might also want to check out a video to see the Rolio doing its stuff.

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