boots. you how they are like. they are not exactly the most comfy kicks in the world, but that’s about to change with the Nike Lunarterra Arktos Winter Boots. drawing inspirations from two different worlds, the Russian’s Matryoshka dolls and arctic bears, the Nike Lunarterra Arktos Winter Boots offers the lightweight comfort that you are accustomed to with sneakers and marries them to the rugged, insulated protection of a boot. the result is obvious: a pair of boots that is comfortable on the inside while having an exterior that shields your feet from the elements and keeping them warm in those long cold winter season.

the kicks’ upper are of Flywire and Hyperfuse construction for adaptive fit and increase resilience, while the potential leak points feature Nike’s Vac Tec molding to keep water out. actual walking comfort comes in the form of Nike Lunarlon midsole that not only shaves weight, but also enhances comfort and of course, increases mobility. finally, a zoned sticky and hard rubber outsole ensures traction to take on any terrain. but the details don’t end there cos’ the Nike Lunarterra Arktos Winter Boots has another trick up its sleeve. remember the inspiration drawn from the Matryoshka stacking dolls? yeah. the boots actually has a nested system similar to the dolls’. unzipping the sealed medial zip, unveils a removable bootie so that you can keep the muddy boots out of your pad while continuing to keep your foot warm and dry when indoors.

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absolutely brilliant. this is probably the best idea we have heard all day. i mean, who would have thought of that? a nesting footwear? awesome. the Nike Lunarterra Arktos Winter Boots will be available at your Nike Sportswear retailer starting in October. price is around $190 a pair. also available for the fairer sex. have a few more look after the break.

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