this is certainly not the first Maersk cargo liner to come out from the Danish toy company, but the 10241 LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E you see here has the honor of being the largest LEGO Maersk set to date with 1,518 pieces and being the largest set in LEGO’s Maersk line up couldn’t be more fitting cos’ the actual Maersk Line Triple-E that it is based on also happens to be the world’s largest container ship, measuring some 400 meters long and 59 meters across. with a massive 25 inches (65cm) long and 3 inches (9cm) wide dimensions, the 10241 LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E is made even more exclusive and collectible with rare brick colors such as medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green, included in the set.

other highlights include rotating gold-colored screw blades, movable rudders, detachable lifeboats, rotating crane arms, and brick-built twin propeller engines (viewable by removing the movable containers and from the side windows built into the port side of the ship. this highly detailed set comes complete with a display stand and fact plaque with detailed information about this majestic cargo ship. finally, a gold coin (a LEGO-branded, miniature coin) is placed under the mast, mimicking what the real life Maersk Line ships has been doing, for good luck on their voyages. well, the gold coin is symbolic for this model, so don’t even think of trying to launch it onto any water for it will sink to bottom faster than you could say Maersk. it is obvious. they are LEGO bricks for goodness sake.

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the 10241 LEGO Maersk Line Triple-E is slated to be available in January 2014 for $149.99. check out a video where LEGO Design Manager Specialist Jamie Berard takes you through the features of this drool-worthy collectible.


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