if you ever tried starting out on remote control flying, you will know how hard it is, but thanks to technological advancements we have today, things are a way easier as compared to when i was just starting out. the Hex Smartphone-controlled Nanocopter is just one such example. however, run-of-the-mill, it is not. the Hex stands out from the horde of multi-rotor remote flyers by being one that can be modified, hacked, and in layman term, personalized to your heart’s content. and unlike kits out in the market today, the Hex is easily put together with just a few clicks, so there’s no soldering to mess around. the Hex is controlled by an app for iOS and Android devices, using onscreen sticks and/or gravity sensors of the mobile devices.

at its heart, is an Arduino-compatible processor and electronic package that packs Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and various sensors to enable auto-stabilization (trust me, any struggling pilot would appreciate this!). the board is also camera-ready, allowing you to mount a camera for awesome aerial photography and videography. with an optional FPV glasses, a 5.8G radio telemetry module allows you to see as you fly in first person perspective, or if you prefer, a real-time WiFi telemetry module, lets view the feed on your mobile device. the craft itself features a structure with 3D printed shell. the latter is the one that allows for near-limitless opportunity for customization. you can get the Hex Smartphone-controlled Nanocopter through the project’s very successful Kickstarter campaign page, starting from $49 for a basic quadcopter kit.

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