Luxury iPhone Dock Is Here Because It Matches Your $8,000 iPhone

What’s the point of an iPhone coated in luxurious precious metal when the dock that it sits on is not as opulent? Well, it looks like gadgets seller Brikk, who is renowned for giving iPhone luxury touches, understand this void and decided to turn out matching Lux iPhone Dock, coated in genuine luxury finishes, of […]

WySky: It Is A LED Lamp, A Speaker And An iPhone Dock Rolled Into One

The birth of crowdfunding platforms give raise to a world of innovations that you probably never thought you need. The WySky Apple-integrated Music Lamp is one such example. From the product name, it is easy to dismiss WySky as just another gimmicky dock, or a desk lamp, but rest assure that it is more than […]

Native Union DOCK Works With Smartphone And Tablet, Is As Minimalist As A Dock Can Gets

If you are all up for uber stylish accessories for your gadgets, such as a charging dock for smartphone or tablet, then Native Union is the go-to brand. If anything, its designs in recent times are on par, if not better than what the Cupertino tech giant could dish out. No. We are serious. Apple’s […]

How Do You Like to Dock Your Phone on a WWII Aircraft Engine’s Piston?

Whether you are in the market for unique gadget accessories or just love all things aviation, I am sure you will love the USB Radial Engine Piston Charging Dock by Plane Pieces as much as we do. The product name pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? But what you didn’t know is that this […]

Designed by Many Announces Apple Watch/iPhone Dock with Sound Amplification and Apple Watch Case

What’s the next big thing in the gadget accessories market? We’d say Apple Watch accessories and in particular, docks. We don’t post as many article as most big blogs do, but even then, we have already seen no less than five beautiful examples. We wouldn’t say which one is the prettiest, because they are all […]

Enblue’s Premium One All-in-One Dock Lets You Dock Your Apple Watch and iPhone, Showroom-style

We are pretty sure if you have a thing for Apple’s first smartwatch, you are someone who demands style and if so, then this super sleek, tower-style Apple Watch dock from California-based Enblue may be right up your alley. Crafted out of aerospace-grade aluminum, this dock is designed to fit the charging cable as well […]

Cabin iPhone Battery Case Brings MagSafe-like Charging To Your iPhone

regardless of whether it is Apple iPhone or Android-powered smartphone, we have to agree that charging is never an enjoyment experience. the need to plug and unplug can prove to be chore, especially when you are press for time. until now, we just live with it. however, Shenzhen-based HEVO LABS in China begs to differ. […]

STAGE 5 Dock Not Only Charges, But It Is Also A Speaker Too

sound dock is quite passe at this point, however, if its first intention is to provide a resting place for charging and/or syncing your smartphone or tablet, then that’s a different story altogether. this is precisely what spur London-based Rocket Sound Systems to create the STAGE 5 Dock. by virtue of its product name, you […]

Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock

there is something peculiarly attractive about mixing natural wood with metal. products with such a mix never fails to grab our attention and that’s probably why the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock by Grove gets our fair share of ogling. based on the firm’s original Dock for iPhone, which by itself is already a pretty piece, the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock takes the style factor up several notches by giving it a walnut and brass makeover.

Concrete Dock For iPhone By hardwrk

except for transportations, what else can’t be cast in concrete? we are obliged to think that most thing can indeed be cast in concrete; we have seen enough, ranging from speakers to writing instrument to foosball table to induction charger, to come to this conclusion and now, there is the concrete dock for…