having more than two or more mobile devices can start cluttering up your desk pretty quick. with that in mind, the folks at 2040 studio sets out to find a perfect solution that could curb this mess and the answer is the Arq Modular Nesting Dock. the dock, as the product name implies, allows the different docked devices to be ‘nested’ for a tidier look on your desk when you are charging them and has the flexibility as an individual dock when you need to access them. even when separated, they look kind of neat, thanks to the unusual curve design and the CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum construction that’s bead-blasted and anodized for that extra classy appearance.

visual treat it is, but most importantly it organizes your devices and allows for use with any device, Android or iOS, with or without cases. a couple of details include purpose built channels for directing the cable out of the way and to the side, and nano pads at the bottom that allows the dock to sit securely on smooth surfaces. each dock comes supplied with a micro USB, though Apple Lightning cable is not included. the Arq Modular Nesting Dock is running a campaign on Kickstarter from now till April 12, seeking financial funding to turn this product into reality. you can show your love by backing up this project for as little as 35 bucks for an Arq.

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unlike some campaign with myriad of reward levels, these folks don’t beat around the bush and complicate things; they just cut straight to chase and offer you simple-to-understand reward levels. we appreciate that and i am sure if you frequent Kickstarter, you will too. check out a product pitch video below to learn more.

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