mankind have long been fascinated by the possibility commanding things, usually magically, just by wielding our hands or even moving or tapping our digits. sorcerer we are not, but the Fin you see here, can actually make your fantasy become a reality without involving sorcery. the Fin literally puts control right at your fingertips. i know it may sound lame, but that’s exactly what Fin, a wearable ring of sort, does. this thumb-worn device might be small, but it is loaded with sensors that allow it to track your thumb’s movement in relation to your palm, thereby resulting in corresponding action or activity. as sci-fi-ish as it may sound, the Fin can even distinguish between each segment of your fingers and turning them into a virtual numerical keypad for use as a phone keypad or similar use.

of course, it need not necessary be used as a keypad; the Fin will let you to assign each activity of the connected devices to each segment of your fingers, thereby turning the segments into hot keys. up three devices can be connected to each Fin and switching between them is as easy as tapping on the assigned segment of your fingers. it uses Bluetooth low energy to communicate with the paired devices, allowing you to do things like adjusting the volume or changing channels on a Smart TV, unlocking your car, adjusting the car audio volume or answer calls without taking your hands off the wheel, play/pause and skip tracks on your smartphone while you are jogging and more. it can even turn your hand into a game controller and allows for handsfree usage of your touchscreen device. what the Fin can do is limited by your imagination.

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if you are ready to take your geeky lifestyle to the next level, you can pre-order the Fin over at Indiegogo for $105 and up, but before you go, you might want to learn more about the Fin in the embedded video below.

Fin Puts Control Right At Your Fingertips

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