Welle Wants To Turn Any Surface Into A Gesture-enabled Surface. Yes, Really.

Good news, fans of gesture control. Your love for gestures can now transcend the slab of Corning Gorilla protected touchscreen-equipped smart devices, namely, smartphones, tablets and certain computers. No, Minority report kind of gesture is not what we are looking at. We are looking at something that’s possibility more practical (cos’ swiping in midair can …

Flow Wireless Controller Wants to Go Where Mice and Keyboards Can’t Go

With the exception of the addition of multitouch control, mice and keyboards generally haven’t change much. This combo can pretty sees us through most computing tasks, but there is a new gadget in town that thinks it could do better than just pointing and clicking. Called Flow, this circular, hockey puck-like wireless controller offers you …

You Don’t Need A Surface To Use Nod Gesture Control Ring

though we are self-proclaimed geeks, we are undecided if gesturing in the air is the future of control over our gadgets. we have seen and tested the Samsung gesture-enabled TV and to be completely honest, our arms and hands get tired after a while and hence the big question mark we have. however, if you …

Board of Awesomeness – Gesture Control Skateboard

you heard about powered skateboards? they are awesome, but there’s one thing that still stands between you and the board, and that’s the required remote that controls the forward speed and stopping action. remote wired or not, can pose some inconvenience, like what if the remote falls out of your hand? not pretty, we must say. however…

Fin Puts Control Right At Your Fingertips

mankind have long been fascinated by the possibility commanding things, usually magically, just by wielding our hands or even moving or tapping our digits. sorcerer we are not, but the Fin you see here, can actually make your fantasy become a reality without involving sorcery.

iRing Motion Controller For Music Apps

electronic or synthesizer music is synonymous with future (just think Daft Punk and Tron and you will get the idea) and therefore, it is only fitting for DJs to spin those meth-induced tunes by gesture control. while traditional DJ gears won’t let you do that, some iOS music apps can – with the aid of

Sonixx X-Touch Bluetooth Headphones

among the recent tech developments, wireless headphones rank pretty high up there in our books, but there is just one minor issue: control. not that control isn’t there; they are there, but while they serves their purpose, buttons located on one of the earcups are not exactly the easiest thing to control. skipping tracks, adjusting volume

P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls

there are a lot Bluetooth speakers out there that did not specifically says they are portables, but yet by their sizes, you know you could if you wanted to transport it around. however, we can say the same for this novel (and in our opinion, pretty exciting) P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls.

iMotion 3D Motion Controller

still “haunted” by the gesture-based control depicted in the movie Minority Report after all these years? then we have good news for you: it is a reality now. the iMotion 3D Motion Controller is a huge step towards John Anderton’s ‘magical’ gloves that allows him to manipulate what’s on the display