With the exception of the addition of multitouch control, mice and keyboards generally haven’t change much. This combo can pretty sees us through most computing tasks, but there is a new gadget in town that thinks it could do better than just pointing and clicking. Called Flow, this circular, hockey puck-like wireless controller offers you precise control through turning, clicking, touching and swiping, as well as gestures. It connects to you computer via Bluetooth technology and is totally programmable to access your frequently used actions. Out-of-the-box, Flow boasts support for over 30 applications and platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X, Apple, Linux, Arduino – just to name a few.

Flow Wireless Controller

When use with compatible music programs, it can be setup to skip tracks by simply moving of the device, adjust the volume by raising or lowering your palm over the device, and more. It is a pretty high-tech piece of equipment that inches toward sci-fi depictions like those seen in Minority Report. With the dial-click-touch-gesture capability, it also means you can more direct control over graphic design, video editing, or CAD programs without the need for additional input peripherals.

One of the reasons why mice and keyboards still rules today is simplicity in setup, which is as easy as plug-and-play. Understandably, Flow will not be as simple; there is just one extra step between you and the power to control and that’s to choose the controls and shortcuts desired, and you will be all set. If you are raring to give this new tech a go, you can support Flow’s crowdfunding endeavor on Indiegogo. A pledge of $99 will secure yourself one, with delivery in July 2015. The product is a go. Prototype has been made and all these folks need is the dough to get the product rolling out of the factory. Continue reading for a pitch video to hear from the horse’s mouth.

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