now that we have all grown up, we should be all aware that Santa is a folklore, a legend of sort, which becomes the figment of imagination of every child. however, if you still do believe in Santa more than Franklin Benjamin and Toys’ R Us, then the Santa Stakeout Kit by OpticsPlanet is the perfect cache of equipment and tools necessary for staking out Santa this Christmas to prove that Santa is not an imagination that doesn’t go away with age. with this kit, you will get a whopping thirty-three items, all carefully curated to enable you to evade Santa’s detection, keep your eyes trained on the potential locations where this elusive gifting old man will appear, plus stuff that will enable you to carry out the Santa stakeout in comfort in the cold winter days.

some of the highlights include the OPMOD Ghillie Suit Snow Camo for blending yourself in with the snow terrain, a Zippo Hand Warmer to keep your hands nice and warm while out in the cold, a pair of Bolle Mojo Snow Ski Googles to keep the snow and harsh wind out of your eyes, a Neverlost Food Thermos for the food necessary to keep yourself filled (cos’ growling tummy can be heard from miles away), a bottle of Cass Creek Harmon Mule Deer Female in Heat Scent to draw Santa’s reindeers to you (assuming Santa’s reindeers are all bulls, that is), and a OPMOD P.A.C 3.0 Personal Articles Carrier Bag to stuff all your stakeout essentials – just to name a few. there’s even a Tactical Stocking, which is basically a stocking, but tactically-styled to match your whole stealth setup. so what’s the stocking for? well, you still want stuff from Santa, don’t you? and hence the stocking.

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all those and more can be yours for a cool $6,499. six and half grand is surely not a drop in the ocean, but the good thing is, the items in the kit could be mix-and-match for staking out other mysterious fairy tale or folk legends like the tooth fairy, creepers, aliens and other more regular activities like hunting or catching unscrupulous babysitters or domestic helpers. you can sniff out the whole list of items HERE.

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