Fennec Watch One Smartwatch for Kids

Smartwatch for kids are not new. We have seen a bunch of them, but the Fennec Watch One you see here is actually quite different. For starter, it does not lean towards the aesthetic that makes it looks and feels kiddish. I though it looked so dope that even a grown person like me want one.

Taiwan-based Fennec is marketing it as a wearable designed for tweens, a child who is between 10 and 14 years old, Fennec Watch One is the perfect go-between when your kids start asking for a smartphone.

Fennec Watch One Smartwatch for Kids

Fennec Watch One aims to strike a balance between functionality and screen time. With this serving as a smartphone, your young ones get to enjoy a suite of smartphone features like video call, text messaging, phone calls, take photos and selfies, and more, and yet it does not afford more screen time.

The only downside I see is, you still have to pick up a SIM for it. Speaking of which, the watch is outfitted with a SIM card slot so that it could serve as a standalone device. No smartphone required. There’s also built-in speaker, along with microphone, to enable voice and video calls.

Fennec Watch One Smartwatch for Kids

Other details include a 1.39-inch circular AMOLED display, contact lists that can be approved by parents, set and send event reminders to kids, location tracking, custom watch faces designed to appeal to kids, Bluetooth connectivity, onboard music player and games, and a 2MP rotating camera.

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Fennec Watch One smartwatch for kids is not a reality, yet. It will be if it gets funded on Kickstarter. If you are interested in helping to make it happen, you can make a pledge for a product.

Prices start at $109 and runs up to $139, depending on how soon you act on it.

All images courtesy of Fennec.